Śrī Kṛṣṇa Caitanya Carita | Book 4 Chapter 14

Fourteenth Sarga

Śrī Gaurāṅga Shows Mercy to Gaurīdāsa Paṇḍita
While Delighting in Navadvīpa


As Gaura Candra travelled gradually onwards from town to town, He finally arrived at the town of Kuliyā. When the residents of Navadvīpa heard news of the Lord, who bears the great treasure of love of God, all of them came to see Him.


Gazing at the lotus face of Prabhu, they joyously drank of His beauty, yet remained ever unsatiated. With voices choked by emotion, they all addressed the Supreme Master and guru of all living beings, who is controlled solely by affection:


"O Prabhu, kindly ornament the beautiful town of Navadvīpa by Your presence." Being thus solicited by the host of His bhaktas, whose minds were immersed in the bliss of saṅkīrtana, Śrī Hari departed with them for that town, eager to taste the mellows of His own names.


That devotee of His mother approached her, fell to the ground, and worshipped her feet. Out of sheer joy she forgot all social etiquette and at once embraced Him.


She kissed the lotus face of Kṛṣṇa and sprinkled Him with affectionate tears of maternal devotion. She then made Him eat food of four varieties, and derived much joy from that.


Thus at dusk, Śrīla Gaurāṅga Candra, the guru of all rasa, received from His mother supremely tasty and excellent foods. Śrī Hari ate that food in the company of Nityānanda, being a captive of Śacī's consummate maternal affection. All glories to our Prabhu, the bestower of all happiness, who allows Himself to be controlled by His devotee!


Glory to Nityānanda, whose heart forever delights in Gaura-prema, who takes shelter of Navadvīpa Dhāma which shimmers with condensed bliss. He is rendered service by a legion of confidential associates, each endowed with a unique mood. As they chant the ambrosial names of their Lord, they nullify the three-fold miseries of the three worlds.


By the Lord's all-pervasive potency, He expanded His person in front of His beloved Viṣṇu-priyā and thus made her feel near to Him. In this way, Lord Kṛṣṇa bestowed on her His personal presence, which abides in her heart. Thus, that form of Lakṣmī rendered service to Prabhu.


Accompanied by Gadādhara, Gaurāṅga Candra, the connoisseur of rasa, revelled day and night amidst the residents of Navadvīpa, whose minds were immersed in Śrī Kṛṣṇa-saṅkīrtana.


By His ability to distribute His presence as the Super-soul, the Lord entered each and every home of His bhaktas led by Śrīvāsa and endowed them with the full bliss of kīrtana.


The fully complete Personality of Godhead, Lord Gaura-sundara, enjoys His pleasure pastimes of scholarship and prank-playing, forever frolicking in the company of Śrīdhara, the salesman of banana products.


Glory to the two Prabhus, the controllers of all universal controllers, who dwell in the home of Gaurīdāsa Paṇḍita.


Gaura and Nitāi became bound up by the power of Gaurīdāsa's love. In his home They revealed the sublime splendour of Their Deity forms, which are complete in all the potencies of Their Lordships.


Being very satisfied with him, They pleasantly took up residence there and enjoyed a variety of tasty foods through those Deity forms.


Looking upon those two forms of eternity, bliss and knowledge, that exalted brāhmaṇa always renders Them service in the mellow of pure friendship (sakhya- rasa).


As accepted by the Vedas, all the forms of the Supreme Soul are eternal, imperishable, and free from diminution as well as the material laws of cause and effect.


The Deities are all pastime forms of the Lord. They incessantly reside within the hearts of Their pure bhaktas, awarding them transcendental happiness and reciprocating affectionately with them.

Thus ends the Fourteenth Sarga entitled "Śrī Gaurāṅga Shows Mercy to Gaurīdāsa Paṇḍita While Delighting in Navadvīpa," in the Fourth Prakrama of the great poem Śrī Caitanya Carita.