Śrī Kṛṣṇa Caitanya Carita | Book 2 Chapter 16

Sixteenth Sarga

Lord Gaura Reveals All Potencies


 (The drama performance continued :) Haridāsa, then appeared like the full moon before the assembly of the Lord and His bhaktas. Bearing a staff, he addressed them as follows, Perform Śrī Hari-kīrtana and thus enlighten the living beings of the three worlds, who are now burning in the fire of sense enjoyment.


After drinking through their thirsty ears the words of Haridāsa, whose face resembled a blossoming lotus, the vaiṣṇavas began to sing and dance, their hairs thrilled with rapture, and their bodies became wet from tears which spurted forcefully from their eyes.


Then the great soul and king of the vaiṣṇavas Advaita Ācārya entered . He shone with fierce brilliance like the sun, His attractive lotus face radiating nectar and splendour.


He is a plenary portion of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, and His heart is soft because of absorption in the flavors of Śrī Hari's feet. Together with His servants and disciples, He danced towards them like a maddened lion or indomitable death.


The saints of that assembly gladly gazed upon Him, and drinking deeply of His marvellous moon-like face with its lotus-petal eyes, their hearts became spontaneously immersed in the manifold mellows of the prema-sāgara.


Nityānanda Baladeva, who takes especial delight in rasa, then entered the stage, attired as an elderly gopī. In His hand He held the petal-like fingers of the Lord of His life, and His beautiful body was fully flooded by tears.


Then entered Bhagavān Caitanya Vāsudeva. With his body complexion like molten gold and his effulgence like the nectar-radiating moon, it appeared as if Meru, the king of mountains, was somehow walking. He was suitably attired for His special mission of teaching the ecstasy of gopī-rasa.


Like a gopī He wore a beautiful bodice on His chest, bracelets made of tiny conch shells, and a saffron dress around His very slender waist. He danced with sweet lotus feet celebrated by tinkling anklebells.


The earth became immersed in the lustre from Nṛhari's body, and a divinely perfumed breeze blew from the Malaya Hill again and again, causing the Mālatī flowers to tremble.


As the full moon shines to illuminate the paths of the heavens for Indra, Śiva and the various planetary deities, the moon of Gaura shone and dispelled any trace of depression or grief.


The Lord began to blissfully sing and dance with much energy. Then, replete with ecstasy and loveliness, He played the part of the goddess of fortune.


The goddess humbly approached the Deity form of Kṛṣṇa in the middle of the temple. She took some jasmine flowers from the Deity with the hem of her new sārī, and as she offered them again to Him, Her heart became filled to overflowing with prema-bhakti-rasa, like the affection of ten million mothers.


Then, by the order of the Lord, who is the sum total of all the gods, the eminent brāhmaṇas very jubilantly offered their homage to that lady. They praised her with exultant hearts, singing a hymn from the Vedas.


A moment later, the Lord entered into the all-powerful mood of goddess Durgā. The people became enlivened and offered praises by chanting excellent hymns composed by the saints.


Then seating Himself on a fine āsana, the Personality of Godhead in the form of the goddess again spoke, "I have come here eager to see a dance performed by your good selves."


The devotees again prayed, "O goddess, just bestow on us loving devotion to Your lotus feet." With a laughing face, Mahāprabhu replied, "If love should awaken in your hearts for Me, then all the people will say of you, `These are devotees of goddess Caṇī.'" Then the brāhmaṇas bowed down on the earth before Him as the sun of Gaura embraced the moon of Haridāsa.


Then a most amazing thing occurred. Haridāsa became like a little boy of five years, and he addressed Caitanya Murāri, "O goddess, kindly cast Your glance of mercy upon this lowly fellow."


The moment He heard this, the Lord who was attired in the attractive dress of the goddess of fortune, His heart softened with compassion, considered all the devotional service which His dear devotee had performed, and tears of love fell from His lotus eyes.


Then the Lord, who is known as the annihilator of the armies of the demons, gave breast milk to those most exalted of godly men. And as they gazed upon the Supreme Lord, whose beautiful eyes were filled with tender compassion, His associates felt joy.


At that moment, Gaura's mood as the reservoir of all opulence and the Supreme Master arose once more. Perceiving this, those eminent twice-born men bowed down and offered praises with moistened eyes and enlivened hearts to the Lord of the cosmic manifestation.


Thus He passed the whole night, and at dawn the Lord whose face was lustrous like the moon went to His home, holding a fine staff in His hand. The people saw Nṛhari like a brilliant flame.

Thus ends the Sixteenth Sarga entitled "Lord Gaura Reveals All Potencies," in the Second Prakrama of the great poem Śrī Caitanya Carita.