Śrī Kṛṣṇa Caitanya Carita | Book 2 Chapter 10

Tenth Sarga

Pastimes of Dance


After bathing within the sky-Gaṅgā and performing the daily pūjā of their Deity forms of the Lord of the universe, all of the bhaktas returned to the presence of the lotus-eyed Viśvambhara, who glanced over them with much delight.


Thereafter, Śrī Hari firmly embraced within His two beautiful arms the transcendental bhakta, Śrī Haridāsa, who resembled an intoxicated bee at Śrī Kṛṣṇa's lotus feet. His presence was fully free of passion, and was very cooling like the newly arisen, sublimely auspicious full moon. Indeed, his very sight created a festival for the eyes of sādhus. The Lord, whose fame is terrible (to the wrongdoers), led Haridāsa to a seat, and in addition that very same Supreme Person offered obeisances to him.


Quickly He anointed Haridāsa's brow with the pulp of sandal, placed a flower garland round his neck, and offered him mahā-prasāda. That food was of four kinds, of excellent quality, filled with flavour. By the Lord's order Haridāsa ate those foods.


That sober person whose countenance was tranquil like the moon, shone with divine qualities. Sitting peacefully in Gaurāṅga's home, he ceaselessly sang bhajans depicting the sublime qualities of Śrī Hari, and rejoiced in the eternal happiness of the Ātma.


The illustrious Gaura and the Ācārya took pleasure in the company of Haridāsa and sent him back to his home. Then the lion-like Advaita also departed in jubilation.


When the avadhūta was leaving Lord Gaura followed him for a long way. Then He humbly and soberly addressed Nityānanda, "Please give Me just one kaupīna for the benefit of the saintly brāhmaṇas."


In accordance with his request, Nityānanda gave Him a kaupīna and Prabhuaccepted that. He personally divided that cloth into smaller pieces and distributed them to His servants, who eagerly joyously received them.


Tying this prasādam from Nṛhari on their śikhās they accompanied him in chanting Śrī Nāma while He returned home. Then due to the arousal of prema, their composure was broken and they fell weeping sorrowfully on the ground.


Then those brāhmaṇas bathed, in the sky-Gaṅgā, immersing themselves in her flowing waters, and all of them performed their daily worship of Śrī Hari. As dusk came, they approached Navadvīpa, and those noble souls again delighted in singing with Gaura Hari.


With His two lotus hands Gaurāṅga tightly clasped His servants and embracing them rolled about upon the earth. Then He whose fame is expanded within limitless hearts and worlds, displayed intense ānanda, as he danced with the gait of a lion.


Then seizing Śrīvāsa from their midst, Gaurāṅga took him far away from there. Being unable to see Him, those dear servants of Hari felt very helpless and confused.


Although those great souls searched in every quarter, they could not find Him. Then the independent unborn Lord, understanding their anxiety, reappeared by His own sweet will. They anxiously gathered around Him, some standing in front of Him and others by His side.


By their full absorption in bhakti, they had attained the ecstatic moods experienced by the gopīs, and they saw Gaura Kṛṣṇa as the gopīs had seen Vanamālī-Kṛṣṇa in Śrī Vṛndāvana. Thus each of them prayed, "Oh! May the Lord show His mercy to me and become my lover!"


Śrī Kṛṣṇa Caitanya, who is the embodiment of all rasa, had a special determination in His avatāra. That was to awaken in the hearts of the jīvas the ecstatic bhāva felt by the wives of the cowherds of Vraja. So when He perceived that these surrendered souls had attained the same mood felt by the wives of the gopas of Vrajabhūmi. He performed with them various līlās beginning with gopī-vastra-haraṇa or stealing the garments of the unmarried gopīs.


Thus once at dusk, that wielder of the cakra, who is the connoisseur of rasa, and who bestowed the sublime science of rasa-tattva upon mankind, with His lotus hands drew out from their hearts the consciousness of spiritual nudity in the form of His servants' garments.


In the same way as He had done as Vṛndāvanacandra Kṛṣṇa, Śrī Gaura Hari teased them for some moments, and then returned all their garments to them. Feeling much enlivened, the bhaktas put on those garments and delighted in the company of the enemy of Mura.


Singing the names of Hari, He danced with them in fulfilment of their hearts' desire. Thus did our Prabhu, whose every movement is His pleasure-pastime, by His lustre of molten gold cleanse away contamination from the hearts of mankind.


Then the avadhūta again happily returned and at once delighted in singing of the qualities of Śrī Hari and dancing. At that time, the bhaktas appeared to be the lotus- eyed cowherd boys who of Vraja who formerly danced in the company of Kṛṣṇa and plough-wielding Balarāma.


When everyone had finished dancing, the all-opulent Lord instructed those noble brāhmaṇas, "Dear sirs, wash the avadhūta's feet and drink the water." Accepting Gaura's order on their heads, they joyously drank Nitāi's footwash. Then saturated with Nityānanda-rasa, they danced, sang and loudly called out the names of Hari in company with Śrī Gaura Candra. Then the avadhūta tumbled to the ground laughing.


Nityānanda delighted in the words, the movements, the laughter, and the glancing of the lotus-eyed Gaura, all of which were overflowing with nectar. Through all these attributes, Mahāprabhu cleanses the terrible sorrows which lurk in men's hearts.


The thirty primary gods and their followers, recognizing the joyous presence of Śrī Śacī-nandana, bowed down to that Lord dressed in charming attire. Their mouths filled with song as they acclaimed Him, and with great wonder, they gazed upon Him in immense exultation.


Then the glorious Haridāsa approached. The mounds of his chest were covered by crystaline, jewel-like tears that shone like moons. In the Divine Lord's presence the sage danced and sweet-sounding anklebells rang on his two reddish feet.


Afterwards the eminent and wise Advaita entered. Śrī Gaura Hari, whose bhaktas are the most dear of all dear things to His heart, then offered Advaita complete worship together with footwash, handwash, fragrant oils, unhusked barleycorns, sandalwood pulp and so forth, and then He personally showed Advaita to a seat.


Śrī Advaita accepted that worship but maintained a demeanour of great respect and reverence for Gaura throughout. Then releasing a thunderous roar, he enjoyed a very great display of prasādam, Then that exalted and widely renowned Ācārya delighted in a great festival of kīrtana, with Gaura Hari.


Any person who hears with love the sublime narration of Kṛṣṇa Caitanya attains pure consciousness, unfailing wisdom, and enters the abode of Hari at the end of his material body.

Thus ends the Tenth Sarga entitled "Pastimes of Dance," in the Second Prakrama of the great poem Śrī Caitanya Carita.