Śrī Kṛṣṇa Caitanya Carita | Book 1 Chapter 9

Ninth Sarga

Śrī Gaurāṅga's Marriage with Śrīmatī Lakṣmī Devī


Thereafter Viśvambhara made further studies under the eminent scholars Śrī Viṣṇu Paṇḍita, Sudarśana Paṇḍita and Gaṅgādāsa Paṇḍita.


He gave knowledge to those highly learned brāhmaṇas, and for their great benefit He accepted knowledge from them.


In order to instruct humanity, Śrī Hari accepted a man-like form apparently made of the illusory energy, and thus followed the path of study under the direction Śrī Sudarśana and the other Paṇḍitas.


He who is conversant in every rasa would with merrily tell jokes in the Bengali language with brāhmaṇas traveling on pilgrimage, and He also laughed as they told amusing tales.


After some time had passed, being eager to see Gaura went to the home of Ācārya Vanamālī, the matchmaker, with purpose of accepting a spouse. While Śrī Hari respectfully bade farewell and chatted with the Ācārya, He saw the daughter of Śrī Vallabha Ācārya on the footpath surrounded by her girlfriends.


That lady of radiant countenance was walking to the Jāhnavī to take her bath. When Śrī Hari saw that maiden, in His heart He recognized her to be the very purpose for His birth.


Then illustrious Viśvambhara departed for His residence delighting with His companions in talk of vidyā-rasa.


On the next day, the transcendental brāhmaṇa, Vanamālī came to the home of Śrī Gaura Hari, and bowed respectfully to Śacī Devī.


He spoke sweetly to her thus, "If you wish to get your son Viśvambhara married, I suggest that you select Lakṣmī Devī, the goddess-like daughter of that excellent brāhmaṇa, Vallabhācārya."


Hearing this, Śacī Devī replied, "My son is but a fatherless boy. At present His efforts must be directed towards his studies."


Hearing her words, the Ācārya went his way somewhat dejected. But after walking a while on the path he caught sight of Gaura Kṛṣṇa whose heart was brimming over with gladness.


Gaura Bhagavān at once bowed to Vanamālī and embracing him very firmly, he inquired in a sweet voice, "Where is your honour going today?"


Vanamālī replied, "I have just come from seeing the feet of Your mother. There I made a suggestion to her regarding Your marriage, but she had no faith in my proposal. For this reason I am now walking despondently." Gaura Hari made no comment on the Ācārya's words but walked on laughing.


Arriving back at His own āśrama, Gaura said, "Mātā, what did you say to the Ācārya that made him so depressed as he walked on the path?"


"Why did you not make him feel well-loved by offering pleasing words?" Suddenly His blessed mother became aware of the state of her son's mind, and she sent a trustworthy person to call back the Ācārya. Quickly Vanamālī returned and after respectfully bowing to her, he spoke thus:


"Dear queen! What is your order? Please instruct me. Upon receiving your message, I have become most elated and returned to your gracious presence."


At this, she replied, "Kindly carry out the suggestion which you made to me earlier concerning the marriage of Viśvambhara.


"Of your own accord you are acting as a good and affectionate friend of my son. Whatever I said before to you was also motivated by love for my son. What more can I say?"


Hearing her words, the Ācārya bowed his head and said, "O queen, I shall ever carry out your orders, bearing them on my head.


So saying, Vanamālī went to Śrī Vallabha's house. That noble brāhmaṇa quickly stood up and showed him to a seat, as etiquette requires. Then with respect he inquired from Vanamālī Ācārya about his welfare:


"Your reason for coming is surely to show me mercy. However, if there is any service that I can render you, please order me."


When Vallabha had spoken thus, Vanamālī Ācārya replied: "O Ācārya, please hear my words! The son of Miśra Purandara named Śrī Viśvambhara Paṇḍita, who is an abode of divine qualities, is the suitable husband for your daughter Lakṣmī. Therefore I declare that today you should present your lovely daughter to Him."


Hearing this statement, the scholar considered his duty and said, "Hear me. By the power of divine Providence this marriage must indeed come to pass.


"But I have no wealth, and thus it is not possible for me to give any dowry. I can give only my daughter. Therefore kindly offer me some advice in this matter.


"If Śrī Hari, the Master of all opulence, is pleased with me then by means of my daughter this best of scholars can certainly become my son-in-law.


"But as a pearl is joined with a gem by means of a valuable thread, so these two can be joined in wedlock only through your invaluable connection."


When Vallabha spoke thus, Vanamālī became very pleased and replied respectfully, "Because of your humility and affection for your daughter, everything must surely come about auspiciously."


So saying, he again returned to Śacī Devī and informed her of all that had happened. Just by thinking of Gaura Candra's wedding, the Ācārya became immersed in bliss.


Upon being apprised of everything, Śacī Mātā spoke to her son, "Dear boy, the time has now come for You to take a wife in accordance with the principles of dharma.


Hearing this instruction from His mother, Gaura Hari considered them in His heart. Then honouring her order, He quickly collected the materials for the ceremony.


At an auspicious moment for marriage, in which all good qualities took shelter, when mdaṅgas were deftly played and kettledrums beaten...


...when Vedic mantras were intoned by the assembly of brāhmaṇas, when all directions were decorated by lamps, garlands of flowers, flags, festoons and so forth...


...then did saintly brāhmaṇas began the adhivāsa ceremony to purify the household of Śrī Hari with pine scent, aguru, scented grasses, sandal and other pleasing fragrances.

Thus ends the Ninth Sarga entitled "Śrī Gaurāṅga's Marriage with Śrīmatī Lakṣmī Devī" in the First Prakrama of the great poem Śrī Caitanya Carita.