Śrī Kṛṣṇa Caitanya Carita | Book 1 Chapter 13

Thirteenth Sarga

Gaura Causes Bewilderment to Śrī Sanātana Paṇḍita


Thereafter Śrī Gaura dwelt in His charming home, enjoying life with His mother, friends and relatives, like Indra amongst the sons of Aditī.


After consideration, Śacī Devī deemed it necessary that her son marry again. Thus addressing an elevated brāhmaṇa named Kāśīnātha, she said to him, "Kindly approach the best among dharmic brāhmaṇa-pandits Śrī Sanātana, and request him to offer his daughter to my son in sanctified marriage."


That exalted brāhmaṇa, Kāśīnātha Miśra, after hearing the instructions of Śacī Devī, went and told all this to that paṇḍit-mahātmā, Śrī Sanātana.


Kāśīnātha Miśra said, "O tiger amongst the twice-born. Go. Arrange whatever is necessary to be done, and when you fix the date, we shall send forth dvijottama Śrī Gaurāṅga."


Hearing all this, Sanātana deliberated amongst his wife and kinsmen. After deciding that it was indeed a worthy proposal, he informed Kāśīnātha Miśra.


Kāśīnātha heard about the proposed arrangements, then returned and reported all to Śacī. This news made her very happy.


The learned scholar Śrī Sanātana was a man of pure consciousness, attached to good behaviour, and devoted to Lord Viṣṇu. He provided charitable maintenance to all people.


He was mercifully hospitable to guests, whether expected or not, no matter what hour they might arrive. He was virtuous, gentle of speech and clean. After some time he sent a certain brāhmaṇa who came before Śacī Devī and bowed to her.


That brāhmaṇa said to her, "O saintly lady, the learned scholar named Śrī Sanātana prays that he may present his daughter Śrīmatī Viṇu-priyā to your son, the great soul and learned scholar, Śrī Viśvambhara. She is endowed with all fine qualities, filled with beauty and magnanimity." Then the saintly Śacī, overjoyed, consented to Śrī Sanātana's request.


She replied, "This relationship has the shelter of all divine qualities and will always have my approval. It should be performed with restraint at an auspicious moment."


Then the jubilant and exalted brāhmaṇa spoke sweetly, "By attaining your son as her husband, Viṣṇu-priyā's beauty will be complete.


"And Viśvambhara will now fulfil His name's meaning as the sustainer of the universe. Just as Śrī Kṛṣṇa became content to receive Rukmiṇī as His bride, so will Viśvambhara taste delight. I assure you that this is the truth!" Śacī Devī became filled with joy to hear this statement by that great brāhmaṇa,


The brāhmaṇa returned and told all that had happened to the Paṇḍita, who also became filled with delight.


Considering that all his desires were fulfilled, Sanātana quickly assembled all necessary paraphernalia and ornaments. Then having determined an auspicious moment, he prepared for the adhivāsa ceremony.


Then the astrologer arrived and spoke in a submissive tone, "As I was coming here, I saw handsome Viśvambhara on the path and I inquired from him, `O sinless Lord, what of the adhivāsa ceremony today? My dear boy, It appears that You are making some delay.'


"Hearing that, He whose shining lotus face resembles Cupid, replied, `Where will this marriage of which you speak take place, and with whom? Please tell me if you know.'


"After hearing these words of His, I have come to you. Now that you have heard this, please do what is necessary."


Hearing these words from the astrologer, Śrī Sanātana became very pained. Clinging to his patience, he said:


"I have arranged all the paraphernalia, ingredients and ornaments. However, it appears that because of some fault in my qualities as a brāhmaṇa, the Lord is not honouring His agreement.


"What duty have I not performed? Have I offended Him in some way?" Then trembling with alarm, his wife, who was virtuous in conduct, born of a pure family, devoted to Lord Viṣṇu and dedicated to the service of her husband, spoke sadly to that noble scholar who was afflicted with grief:


"If Śrīmad Viśvambhara does not wish to marry of His own accord, then there is no offense made on the part of your honour.


"My lord, although we are distressed, still we should not say even a word in protest. This is not the proper thing to do. Give up your sorrow and be satisfied."


Hearing these words from his dear wife, which brought him increased love for her, he counselled with his kinsmen, saying, "It is very clear that if this great vipra does not accept my daughter in marriage, then we shall certainly not offer her to Him." Then, knowing that the non-envious Vaiṣṇava-brāhmaṇa couple were grief-stricken and afflicted with anger and shame, the all-opulent Personality of Godhead, who is always favourably inclined toward brāhmaṇas, took away the grief of that devoted couple.

Thus ends the Thirteenth Sarga entitled "Gaura Causes Bewilderment to Śrī Sanātana Paṇḍita," in the First Prakrama of the great poem Śrī Caitanya Carita.