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*/ The Vaiṣṇava Heritage It is a mistake to think of Chaitanya as in any sense the originator of Vaiṣṇavism in Bengal. This faith had had its adherents here for centuries, and although never very numerous they were not an unimportant group. Some of the chief figures among Bengal's poets drew their inspiration from the Vaiṣṇava scriptures: - Jayadeva with

The Life of Chaitanya I 1. First Period 2. Boyhood and Youth 3. The Great Change 4. Absorption in Bhakti 5. Beginnings of the Movement 6. Opposition and the Final Step

The Life of Chaitanya II 1. Second Period 2. Farewell to Nadia 3. Introduction to Purī 4. The Long Pilgrimage 5. Experiences By The Way 6. Joys of Bhakti in Purī 7. The Vrindāvan Pilgrimage 8. The Last Years at Purī

Chaitanya's Contribution to the Sect 1. The Impress of His Character and Personality 2. The Power of His Religious Experience 3. Social Consequences of His Bhakti

The History of the Sect 1. The History of the Sect 2. The Influence of Nityānanda 3. How the Movement Grew 4. Development at Vrindāvan 5. The Generation Following Chaitanya 6. 17th Century Revival 7. Śyāmānanda and the Winning of Orissa 8. Vaishnavism in Assam 9. Two Centuries of Decline 10. The Modern Revival 11. Influence of the Sect on Bengal Society

The Teaching of the Sect 1. The Teaching of the Sect 2. Theological 3. Religious 4. A Bhakti Shorter Catechism

The Literature of the Sect 1. The Literature of the Sect 2. Biographical 3. Historical 4. Theological and Ritual 5. Drama 6. Hymnology

The Sect As It Is Today: Its Orders 1. The Sect as it is today: Its Orders 2. A. The Gosvāmīs 3. B. The Gṛihasthas 4. C. The Vairāgīs 5. D. The Jāt Vairāgīs

The Sect As It Is Today: It’s Cult 1. Temples and Shrines 2. Temple Worship 3. Ākhrā Worship 4. Domestic Worship 5. Public Worship 6. Festivals 7. Melas and Mahotsavas 8. Secret Forms of Worship

*/ The Influence of Buddhism Beyond the tantric contribution of Buddhism already treated, there should be noted the more general absorption of Buddhist adherents and ideas into the new sect. This was more marked in Orissa, where Buddhism continued longer than in Bengal: It had possessed a great centre at Purī long before the Hindu shrine arose there, and the