Śrī Kṛṣṇa Caitanya

Second Sarga. The Lamentation of Śrī Nārada. Now, that Jagannātha was once awarded by his guru the title of a professor of the Absolute Truth, "Śrīmān Miśra Purandara," because of his under-standing of the essential teaching of all Vedic literature. One day, the great soul Śrīman Nīlāmbara Cakravartī, who was expert in promoting the best interests of his family, called

First Sarga. A Summary of Śrī Gaurāṅga's Mission. May my Lord be ever victorious, whose potencies are immense and immaculate, whose lustre is glittering golden, whose eyes are as wide-spread as the petals of the lotus, whose beautiful arms extend down to His excellent knees, and who munificently distributes the myriad mellows of devotion while delightfully dancing. It is that

Third Sarga. Nārada Muni Pleads for the Lord's Descent. "During this period of time joining the age of quarrel with the previous age, the earth, although the abode of treasure, is perishing due to being covered by ignorant materialistic people, However there is a medicine, Śrī Kṛṣṇa-nāma, which is the abode of all rasa. It is the cure for all

Fourth Sarga. Descriptions of the Avatāras. After hearing this extraordinary narration in its entirety, Śrī Dāmodara Paṇḍita's heart was much enlivened, and he said to Murāri Gupta, "Now kindly relate the epic of Nṛhari. "Amongst the avatāras of Śrī Hari who have graced the earth planet, which of them are especially famous by virtue of their unique pastimes? Also, what

Fifth Sarga. The Appearance of Śrī Caitanya. O brāhmaṇa, please hear attentively about the unique appearance of that ocean of compassion, the all-pervasive and sense-controlled Supreme Master of the cosmic manifestation, Śrī Caitanya Mahāprabhu. When Nārada, the chief of demigod sages had departed for His own āśrama, the infallible Lord, who possesses infinite opulences, entered within the mind of the

Sixth Sarga. The Playful Pastimes of Śrī Gaurāṅga's Childhood. As time passed, the husband and wife delighted to see the child crawling on His knees, and to hear the melodious sound of His prattle. That monarch among the twice-born had a face resembling a red lotus. By the rays beaming from His sweet smile, He dispelled all darkness from the

Seventh Sarga. Lord Viśvambhara's Boyhood Pastimes. Hearing this, Dāmodara Paṇḍita, who was feeling great delight as he meditated on these pastimes of Śrī Hari's lotus feet, requested to hear the story of the Śrī Hari's older brother, saying: "Please narrate factually the celebrated story of Viśvarūpa." Murāri replied, "So be it, O brāhmaṇa. Now listen carefully, as I relate it

Eighth Sarga. Jagannātha Miśra Attains the Highest Perfection. Hearing Dāmodara's words, Murāri considered and pondered over them. Then first bowing to Śrī Hari, he spoke as follows, "Please hear me with rapt attention." When a very pure soul meditates on Śrī Hari, or speaks and hears about Him, the Lord thereby enters and arises within his heart. The Lord creates

Ninth Sarga. Śrī Gaurāṅga's Marriage with Śrīmatī Lakṣmī Devī. Thereafter Viśvambhara made further studies under the eminent scholars Śrī Viṣṇu Paṇḍita, Sudarśana Paṇḍita and Gaṅgādāsa Paṇḍita. He gave knowledge to those highly learned brāhmaṇas, and for their great benefit He accepted knowledge from them. In order to instruct humanity, Śrī Hari accepted a man-like form apparently made of the illusory

Tenth Sarga. Festivities at Gaura's Wedding. Then the Lord gave to each and every member of the twice-born, chewing pān with spices and a fragrant flower garland. Then He anointed them with pulp of sandal and scented oils of matchless fragrance. All the people exultantly sang out of gladness. Śrī Vallabha Ācārya came with saintly brāhmaṇas, accompanied by their chaste